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Autism Case 5

Name: Horiot, Hugo


Background Info:


Male, born on 3 August 1982. French comedian and writer, son of Françoise Lefèvre, novelist of Prussian and Swedish descent. He was diagnosed Autistic Asperger during his childhood. Like the famous Daniel Tammet, he has been going out of "the jail of his dreams" by writing ("L'Empereur, c'est moi"). When a teenager, he asked her mother to call him Hugo instead of Julien.


ZWDS Chart:
































Chart Analysis --- the signs of Autism:

  1. Lai-Yin Palace (Life Siblings-Palace Life Hua-Lu with Self Hua-Lu which is Lu-Out;

  2. First Decade Health-Palace Tai-Yang Hua-Lu to Opposite with Tai-Yang Self Hua-Ji at the Opposite.

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