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A new way to diagnosis autism and depression immediately after birth

Purple Star Astrology (Zi Wei Dou Shu, or ZWDS) is part of the I Ching system, which is the foundation of Chinese philosophy that has existed for 3,000 years. We are able to read the fate and fortune of any one person by examining the ZWDS chart generated from the birth date and time, including the signs of autism and depression.  

For the past 20 years, aoefengshui has devoted all his time and effort to studying ZWDS. As a result, hundreds of ZWDS cases have been published in the public forums and his ZWDS Foundation and Advanced Courses.

What we found at Autism and Depression Research Projects
  • All the patients we studied who have been diagnosed with autism and depression have the special signs in their ZWDS charts.

  • As long as we have the accurate date and time of birth, we are able to find the signs of autism and depression immediately after birth. You no longer need to wait two to three years to diagnose autism in your child.

  • For people with depression, we are designing a personalized rehabilitation program based on the signs in their ZWDS charts.

Medical Professionals

Support your diagnosis with learnings that stem from 3,000 years of tradition and experience.


I wish that I have known and consulted Master Tony earlier. At least save a lot of my headaches! For those who are looking for Master in this field, I trust that Master Tony can do a pretty good job.

------ Stephan


That is really fascinating! Migraine and depression are comorbid. It is astonishing how such an ancient system like ZWDS can also show some sort of genetic link between the two. Thanks Master Tony, very much looking forward to hearing about your findings. 


------ “Fresh Air”


Highly recommended for those people who need to look into their past and future and be prepared for your destiny. Thanks again Master Tony for your incredible knowledge and insight!


------ Griselda Richero


Thank you Master Tony, I can tell you really invested your heart and soul's attention into my grief. How you spoke inspires me. It opened emotions and warmth inside that I forgot exists in humanity.  


------ "Flying Bird"

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