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Depression Project

During his many years of providing ZWDS services, Master Tony (aoefengshui) spent a lot of time and effort working with people with depression and pinpointed some unique signs in their ZWDS charts.


He discovered that depression has inborn factors and the ZWDS chart has its “Lai-Yin” palace and four “karma stars” to correspond with this. In addition, Master Tony also found that some temporary depressive symptoms appear to be caused by disadvantage signs at the decade or annual level. These adverse conditions will improve over time.


In this project, Master Tony focused on finding new ways to diagnose and treat depression according to the ZWDS charts of patients.


For the depressive symptoms caused by different karma stars, we provide suggestions for rehabilitation based on the study of many real-life cases.


For depressed patients with suicidal intentions, we can detect the depression signs according to the combinations of palaces and stars, including predicting the time of it happening.

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