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Autism Case 1

Name: Flutie, Doug Jr.


Background Info:

Male, born on 29 November, 1991. American noted family, the son of Doug Flutie, perhaps the Canadian Football League's greatest player ever. A beautiful boy, happy and affectionate, he has a vocabulary of maybe four words at age six; he is autistic. At 2 1/2, he was speaking in full sentences and was perfectly normal; a year later, he totally regressed. He would go into a corner and stop speaking to anyone. He is strong and healthy, but does not understand how to play with a toy. His only symptom of autism is twirling whatever he has in hand, whether it's a potato chip or a ball.

Dougie goes to a special-needs school. He has few functioning skills, not so much as being able to feed himself.

ZWDS Chart:





























Chart Analysis --- the signs of Autism:

  1. There are 2 Lai-Yin Palaces in this chart. Second Lai-Yin Palace (Life Friends-Palace) Ke-Ji to Opposite with Life Hua-Ke and Life Hua-Ji at the Opposite  ------ it’s “Ke-Ji Out”;

  2. Life Happiness-Palace Ji to Opposite;

  3. First Decade Happiness-Palace Ji to Opposite.

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