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Depression Case 2

Name: Babilonia, Tai


Background Info:

Tai Reina Babilonia (Female, born September 22, 1959) is an American former pair skater. Together with Randy Gardner, she won the 1979 World Figure Skating Championships and five U.S. They were the toast of the skating world and the sport's American darlings, ready to take on the 1980 Olympics until, in February, Randy had a muscle injury. Their skates were put away along with their hopes and dreams.


When they returned to the ice, going pro with the Ice Capades in a grueling schedule, Babilonia was isolated and unhappy. She began to use drugs and alcohol and engaging in short term romances. In January 1988 she decided to quit skating, She was tired and overworked with no personal life. In her love life, she could not seem to choose the right person or to make a commitment. She spent too much time crying, and one night, she lost control and turned on Randy in his dressing room, hitting him and screaming at him. After they finished their Las Vegas run, she dropped out. She sat around her condo, sleeping, not answering the phone, drinking, thinking of suicide.


In June, she went to her first AA meeting, and told her parents that she was an alcoholic. Three months later, when she slipped and fell off the wagon, she lost control. On September 14 she took pills and booze. Instead of peacefully falling asleep, she found that suicide involves shaking, sweating, vomiting and terror. She called her mom and said, "I did a really stupid thing." With her survival from the brink, she immediately entering rehab and therapy to pull herself together. Gardner stuck by her through thick and thin, and their friendship has been one of the great constants of Babilonia's life.


ZWDS Chart:































Chart Analysis --- the signs of depression:

  1. Lai-Yin Palace (Life Parents-Palace) Quan to Opposite with Life Hua-Quan at the Opposite which became “Quan-Out”;

  2. Life Health-Palace and Decade 23-32 Health-Palace clashed Life Self-Palace, Year 1988 went into Life Self-Palace which was one of the years of impact;

  3. Decade 23-32 Happiness-Palace Lu to Opposite;

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