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Depression Case 8

Name: Günsberg, Osher


Background Info:


Male, born on 29 March, 1974. Australian television and radio presenter and journalist, formerly known by his stage name Andrew G, who is best known as the host of the reality TV series “The Bachelor Australia”, “The Bachelorette Australia” and “Bachelor in Paradise Australia”. He is also known for his hosting roles on Channel [V], “Australian Idol”, “Live to Dance” on CBS and radio shows including “Take 40 Australia” and “The Hot Hits”. Günsberg also narrated the factual television programs “Bondi Rescue and Recruits”. He is a regular contributor to “The Project”.


Günsberg was born to a Czech Jewish father and a Lithuanian mother. At four months of age, he moved to Adelaide and then to Brisbane, where he spent most of his youth.

At age 20, Günsberg started working as a "Black Thunder" driver and did on-air midnight-to-dawn shifts for B105 radio station in Brisbane, during which time he bore the nickname "Spidey". In 1998, at the age of 24, he adopted the stage name "Andrew G." In 2009, he decided to drop his abbreviated stage name and revert to his full surname. At the age of 38, he decided to change his name to 'Osher' – Hebrew for 'happiness' – in order to signal his changed outlook and attitude toward life. He claims that 'something about being Osher just feels right'.


In August 2017, he revealed he had been suffering from depression for many years including social anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. His memoir, Back, After the Break, was published by HarperCollins in August 2018.


ZWDS Chart:






























Chart Analysis --- the signs of depression:

  1. Lai-Yin Palace (Life Property-Palace) Ji to Opposite with Life Hua-Ji at the Opposite which became Ji-Out;

  2. Life Happiness-Palace Flying-Lu into Life Self-Palace with Life Hua-Quan and Ke-Ji to Opposite over there;

  3. Decade 35-44 Self-Palace Ji-Out;

  4. Decade 35-44 Health-Palace Quan to Opposite and also clashed Life Self-Palace;  

  5. Decade 35-44 Happiness-Palace Flying-Ke shines Life Self-Palace with Life Hua-Quan and Ke-Ji to Opposite at Life Self-Palace.  

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