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Case Study 01: Suicide due to Depression

Name: Herman Brood


Background Info from Wikipedia:


Hermanus "Herman" Brood (Male, 5 November 1946 – 11 July 2001) was a Dutch musician and painter. As a musician he achieved artistic and commercial success in the 1970s and 1980s, and was called "the greatest and only Dutch rock 'n' roll star". Later in life he started a successful career as a painter.


In 2001, depressed by the failure of his drug rehabilitation program and facing serious medical problems because of his prolonged drug use, he committed suicide on 11 July by jumping from the roof of the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel at the age of 54. He left a note, stating "Party on. I'll be seeing you."


ZWDS Chart: 





Chart Analysis: the signs of suicide due to depression:


  1. Lai-Yin Palace (Life Health-Palace) “Life Hua-Lu + Self Hua-Lu = Lu-Out”;

  2. Decade 55-64 Happiness-Palace went into Life Health-Palace;

  3. Decade 55-64 Health-Palace Ke-Ji clashed Life Health-Palace;

  4. Decade 55-64 Friends-Palace Double-Ji clashed Life Health-Palace, and Year 2001 Property-Palace went into Life Health-Palace ----- it’s “Frineds-Health-Property” Ji-exchanging which related with lifespan.   

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