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Case Study 04: Suicide due to Depression

Name: Diane Arbus


Background Info from Wikipedia:

Diane Arbus (Female, March 14, 1923 – July 26, 1971) was an American photographer. Although Arbus's most famous subjects were outsiders such as transgender people, strippers, carnival performers, nudists, dwarves, and other marginalized people, she was equally drawn to subjects as ordinary as children, mothers, couples, old people, and middle-class families. She photographed her subjects in familiar settings: their homes, on the street, in the workplace, in the park. In his 2003 New York Times Magazine article, "Arbus Reconsidered," Arthur Lubow states, "She was fascinated by people who were visibly creating their own identities—cross-dressers, nudists, sideshow performers, tattooed men, the nouveau riche, the movie-star fans—and by those who were trapped in a uniform that no longer provided any security or comfort."  


In her lifetime she achieved some recognition and renown with the publication.  


Arbus experienced "depressive episodes" during her life similar to those experienced by her mother, and the episodes may have been made worse by symptoms of hepatitis. Arbus wrote in 1968, "I go up and down a lot," and her ex-husband noted that she had "violent changes of mood." On July 26, 1971, while living at Westbeth Artists Community in New York City, Arbus took her own life by ingesting barbiturates and slashing her wrists with a razor. She wrote the words "Last Supper" in her diary and placed her appointment book on the stairs leading up to the bathroom. Photographer Joel Meyerowitz told the journalist, Arthur Lubow, "If she was doing the kind of work she was doing and photography wasn’t enough to keep her alive, what hope did we have?”


ZWDS Chart:



















Chart Analysis: the signs of suicide due to depression:

  1. Lai-Yin Palace (Life Spouse-Palace) “Life Hua-Ji + Self Hua-Ji = Ji-Out”;

  2. Life Health-Palace/Decade 44-53 Property-Palace “Tian-Tong” Hua-Ji to Opposite.

  3. Decade 44-53 Travel-Palace “Life-Hua-Ji with Self Hua-Ji”, and both Decade 44-53 Health-Palace and Happiness-Palace clashed Decade 44-53 Self-Palace ---- which is the bad signs for Decade Health and Decade Happiness.

  4. Decade 44-53 Friends-Palace “Life Hua-Ke with Ke to Opposite” and Year 1971 Friends-Palace went into this Opposite Palace.

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