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Case Study 02: Suicide due to Depression

Name: Mike Brant


Background Info from Wikipedia:


Mike Brant (Male, February 1, 1947, 23:59) was an Israeli singer and songwriter who achieved fame after moving to France. His most successful hit was "Laisse-moi t'aimer" ("Let Me Love You"). Brant committed suicide at the height of his career by jumping from the window of a Paris apartment.


By 1973, he was giving 250 concerts a year, some attended by 6,000–10,000 people. This went on for two years. He suffered from depression and loneliness, and from the Second Generation Syndrome (family history of the Holocaust), and would alternate, sometimes enjoying life and at other times slipping back into depression. On November 22, 1974, he attempted suicide, jumping out the window of his manager's hotel room in Geneva. He suffered fractures but survived. He cut the number of performances and concentrated on another album, Dis-lui ("Tell Her", French version of "Feeling"). In January 1975, he released two singles, "Qui pourra lui dire" and "Elle a gardé ses yeux d'enfants".


On April 25, 1975, the day his new album was released, Brant leapt to his death from an apartment located at 6 Rue Erlanger in Paris. He was 28. Mike Brant was buried in Haifa.


ZWDS Chart:































Chart Analysis: the signs of suicide due to depression:

  1. Lai-Yin Palace (Life Friends-Palace) “Lu to Opposite + Life Hua-Lu at the Opposite Palace = Lu-Out”;

  2. Decade 24-33 Self-Palace Self Hua-Ji and Decade 24-33 Happiness-Palace Flying Hua-Ji into Decade 24-33 Self-Palace;

  3. Decade 24-33 Health-Palace/Life Friends-Palace Lu-Out and also clashed Life Health-Palace;

  4.  Decade 24-33 Friends-Palace/Life Property-Palace clashed Life Health-Palace;

  5. It’s “Frineds-Health-Property” Ji-exchanging which related with lifespan;

  6. Year 1975 Self-Palace went into Decade 24-33 Property-Palace/Life Parents-Palace which was the clashing position ----It's the year of happening.

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