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Case Study 08: Suicide due to Depression

Name: Cooper, Carter


Background Info:


Male,Born on 27 January 1965.


American noted family, the first of two sons born to Gloria Vanderbilt and her fourth husband, Emory Cooper. His dad died in 1978 during surgery for a heart ailment. Carter was a graduate of Princeton in 1987 where he took a history major. He worked as an editor for a New York based historical magazine.


Quiet, polite and sincere, he did not drink or smoke and lived alone in a first floor apartment. He was in treatment for depression when he leaped from the 14th floor window of his mom's New York apartment as she watched, helpless and horrified, 7/22/1988.


ZWDS Chart:































Chart Analysis: the signs of suicide due to depression:

  1. Lai-Yin Palace (Life Travel-Palace) Lu to Opposite with Life Hua-Lu at the Opposite which became “Lu-Out”;

  2. Decade 23-32 Happiness-Palace with Life Hua-Ke and Self Hua-Ji;

  3. Decade 23-32 Health-Palace Quan-Ji to Opposite;

  4. Decade 23-32 Friends-Palace/Life Health-Palace with Self Hua-Lu and Ji to Opposite which became Double-Ji, and also Flying Hua-Quan into Decade 23-32 Property-Palace/Life Friends-Palace;

  5. Year 1988 Friends-Palace went into Life Friends-Palace --- which was the year of happening.

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